Silverfish Control

Silverfish Pest Control

Don’t let silverfish ruin your clothing and other household items. The SAYFER team are experts in identifying specific pest problems. Have one of our licensed pest technicians conduct a free on-site assessment & quote. Fill in the form or call 1300 81 81 33 to book your assessment today.

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Silverfish Control

SAYFER can conduct a thorough inspection for Silverfish. We use lox toxicity surface sprays inside the house around the perimeter with a particular focus on infested areas.

Silverfish are a primitive wingless insect. They are fast running and scale covered. Within buildings they may be found almost anywhere but they are most commonly found in roof cavities. They may also be found in wall cavities and subfloor areas, and feed on most types of human food but seem to prefer starchy materials. They cause damage to many household items such as books, photographs, cotton, linen and even wallpaper.

It is important to have regular inspections to aid in the control of silverfish.  Stored goods that silverfish typically like to infest should be thoroughly examined on a routinely basis.  Moving and opening stored goods will disturb the silverfish and then it is easy to use a flushing agent or a quick knock down spray to treat them.

How SAYFER treat Silverfish infestations

Your SAYFER trained technicians use low toxicity surface sprays inside the house, around the perimeter of each room paying particular attention to infested areas.  Silverfish can be found almost anywhere in the house and roof voids and wall cavities are perfect hiding spots.  Your SAYFER team will treat these areas with a find powder to eliminate any hidden infestations.

Why choose SAYFER for Residential Pest Control?

People-Centric Service

With our personable service, we always guarantee adherence to best practice standards for your household pest control.

Effective and Efficient

SAYFER is a fast and friendly local pest control service and will have your home pest-free in no time with extensive knowledge of local pests

Safety Above all

SAYER complies meticulously with industry standards, assuring that you receive the most effective and safe pest control treatments available as part of a home pest treatment

Qualified and Certified

All technicians are full-time employees who are all fully licensed to deliver your home pest control.

All Round Protection

With our stay in touch program, you will never need to worry about protecting your home from termite attack.

Advanced Technology

SAYFER uses the latest technology in controlling pests around your home and where possible use data instead of poisons.


Detailed Compliance Reporting on physical termite barriers or full Timber Pest Inspections unique for new homes and pest inspections.

Leaders in the field

When you get your new house, and pest inspection carried out by SAYFER, you are getting the leading home pest control company.

The unique SAYFER process

Integrated Systems

Using Integrated Pest Management, our technicians work with you to provide complete household pest control for our customers.

Careful Assessment

We assess any property we visit first and establish a plan that keeps you informed and educated throughout the process.

Tailored Treatment

We offer a variety of treatments and reporting options depending on the situation.

Systematic Elimination

Then we will systematically eliminate all problems, carry out detailed house pest inspections and deliver all reporting on completion of the job.

Unique Aftercare

But we do not stop there. If termites are an issue, SAYFER will add you to our stay in touch program and send you reminder videos and educational materials via email or hyperlinks throughout the year to keep you and your home safe and protected from termite attack.