Pest Control Brisbane

SAYFER offers a great range of home pest management packages to suit every budget and situation. Our qualified technicians have extensive experience as well as local area knowledge. Have one of our licensed pest technicians conduct a free on-site assessment & quote. Fill in the form or call 1300 81 81 33 to book your assessment today. This ensures you receive professional, fast and friendly pest control services for your Brisbane home.

Brisbane Residential Pest Control

SAYFER offers a great range of home pest management packages to suit every budget and situation. Providing professional, fast and friendly pest control services for your Brisbane home. Whether you live in Brisbane’s Northside or Southside, our local technicians are sure to available and on-call!

You can tell it’s Spring in Brisbane when you see the purple Jacaranda trees in bloom.  In Springtime, Brisbane is awash with new garden growth.  Unfortunately, it is also mating season for pests. Some pests will look for protected places to build their nests.  It’s best to remain mindful of any changes within your home and if you do notice abnormal insect or pest behaviour make sure you tell your SAYFER pest control technician.

Pests and rodents are affected by climatic conditions and while we don’t necessarily have four distinct seasons in Brisbane, we will see an increase in these pesky visitors at different times of the year.  Keep your Brisbane home safe and contact SAYFER to discuss an appropriate pest removal plan with our friendly team.

SAYFER Home Pest Management

SAYFER uses the latest technology in controlling pests around your home with the option of using data instead of poisons where possible.  Using Integrated Pest Management SAYFER technicians work with you to provide a complete household pest control plan.

Once a SAYFER technician has assessed your home you will be offered a variety of treatments and reporting options. Your technician will then systematically eliminate all pest problems and deliver a comprehensive report on completion of the job.

Brisbane Commercial Pest Control

SAYFER offers pest management and termite treatment for all small, medium and large commercial clients in Brisbane. SAYFER’s technology delivers sensor monitored reporting and quality adherence to industry requirements for all of your commercial pest control requirements.

Brisbane has a thriving commercial industry with 190 suburbs boasting all types of business-related premises from coffee carts to movie theatres and from kindergartens to hospitals.  Each of these Brisbane companies and business are governed by Queensland Pest Control legislation.  At SAYFER, we have extensive legislative and local area knowledge and can tailor an integrated pest management program to your individual needs with Cloud based reporting available as part of our commercial pest control services.

SAYFER Business Pest Management

Effective pest treatments for commercial premises are being pushed into exciting new territory by the latest leading-edge technology. SAYFER stands at the forefront of this promising future of new solutions and treatments.

Health, safety, site positioning and clientele all play an important part in determining the best Integrated Pest Management Program for our commercial clients. With decisive industry knowledge and dedicated ability to deliver with minimal intrusion SAYFER is your best choice as pest inspection and treatment specialists.

Protect your home all year round

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SAYFER offer you the best in annual pest control treatments.

Landlord Protection + Package

We would like to introduce our Landlord Protection Plus+ Package.

Subscription Plans

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Our other pest control services

To either protect your family at home or even your company’s reputation SAYFER pest control services provide the highest levels of protection, responsiveness and management.

SAYFER specialise in providing different types of fumigation treatments as well as residual disinfection and pre-construction termite protection services to keep your commercial and residential properties pest-free.

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