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Bird Lice & Bird Mite Control

Lice are actually mites and are the parasites of birds and mammals. Bird lice is more common in Spring and early Summer. They are small and extremely mobile, with eight legs, are an oval shape and have a sparse covering of short hairs. Bird mites are parasites feeding on the blood of host bodies such birds and humans. Infestations can occur from birds roosting on the outside of dwellings, window ledges and awnings, carried though the buildings by the wind. As the lice are hard to see you may not realise there is a problem until you experience severe discomfort.

The mites have a short life Cycle (around 7 days) but they can rapidly generate large populations often in the tens of thousands.Booklice found inside homes are wingless and miniscule. While their back legs are thicker than the other four, and resemble the legs found in jumping insects, booklice do not jump, but run about rather quickly. Adult booklice range in colour from translucent white to grey or brown. Females can produce about 60 eggs during the warm summer months and their life cycle can be completed in less than one month.

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